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Summer Tea

Eistee für den Sommer

BeauTEAful Summer!

... enjoy the warm days - with our refreshing varieties.

For the preparation of 1L iced tea we recommend:

350ml boiling water to 20g of any summer tea - steep for 15 min. Then add 650ml of ice water and fresh fruit and enjoy immediately cold!

All varieties are of course also suitable for hot enjoyment!

No. 1423, Bitter Fizzy Drink

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Lemony-sour fruit tea, especially recommended as an iced tea. Its taste reminds you of bitter lemon and it is also visually appealing.

Ingredients and preparation tips

Pineapple cubes (sugar), apple pieces, citric acid, lemon granules/peel, natural lemon oil, currants, natural flavouring.

15-20g tea to 1/4 litre of boiling water, allow to brew for 10-15 minutes, fill up to 1 litre with ice water.

Nutritional values

100ml of brewed infusion* typically gives you

Energy 9 kJ / 2 kcal
Fat < 0,1 g
Of which saturates < 0,1 g
Carbohydrates < 0,1 g
Sugar < 0,1 g
Protein < 0,1 g
Sodium < 0,01 g

* based on an infusion brewed with 4g tea with 200ml water

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