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Green Tea

Our green tea classics from the traditional growing areas in China and Japan, but also from South Korea and Vietnam.

You can find all specialities, from Lung Ching, Gunpowder, Chun Mee and Sencha!

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No. 718

Japan Kabusecha Asuka Organic

Asuka or ‘flying bird‘, will make your mind and your taste buds fly
No. 715

Japan Kukicha Organic

Fine leaf veins with a spicy and fine-harsh taste
No. 700

Japan Sencha Organic

Delicately tart, highly aromatic Sencha with a golden yellow cup
No. 705

Japan Sencha Mizuki Organic

Intense aroma and slightly sweetish nuances
No. 702

Japan Tamaryokucha

Spicy, smoky, aromatic green tea with spiral leaves
No. 2000

Jasmine Dragon Pearls

Harvested by hand, flavoured with fresh jasmine blossoms
No. 726

Matcha Beginners Organic

The tea for those who want to try Matcha for the first time
No. 727

Matcha Ceremonial Organic

The premium version of the green tea powder from Japan
No. 843

Nebeltee China Wu Lu

Rarität aus der "Misty Mountain" Region in der Provinz Nord Fujian.
No. 708

South Korea Sencha Organic

From the volcanic island of JEJU
No. 709

South Korea Woojeon Green Organic

The leaves of the Woojeon are carefully harvested
No. 513

Vietnam Mao Feng Organic

Flowery taste with a fine and mild aroma